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This is how we do it!

Step by step to the best result


Projects are usually about developing creative solutions for visual communication materials that make a brand or an entire event shine. From developing a unique logo to designing websites and packaging, I use my expertise to ensure the design is tailored to your needs and appeals to your target audience.

My work starts with an in-depth briefing from you, the client. I analyse your requirements, target audience and what you expect from the final design. As needed, research is done to gather inspiration and best practices before moving on to the development of the first designs.

The final design is perfected to ensure it impresses in all aspects. If there are no specifications yet, it is important to determine colours, fonts, graphics and layouts that best suit your brand or product.

Good communication with clients is important to incorporate their feedback into the work. I look forward to translating your vision into a professional and unique design.

It is a small step...

Briefing and research

Gathering information about the client and the project to gain an understanding of the needs, goals and target group.

Concept development

Brainstorming and developing creative ideas for the design.

Sketches and drafts

Creating sketches and drafts for the design to test different options and get feedback.

Colours and typography

Selection of colours that best support the design and match the client's brand image. Selecting fonts and typography elements to improve the readability and aesthetics of the design.

Graphics and image selection

Selecting images, symbols and graphics that support the design and convey the client's message. This is also where photography comes into play.


Shaping the visual structure of the design to present the elements in an appealing way.

Feedback, revision, finalisation

Exchange of feedback between the designer and the client and adaptation of the design based on this. Adoption of the final design and preparation of the files for use in different formats and applications.

Production and publication

Production of the design materials and publication on the desired platforms, such as print or online media.

Off to new worlds!