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Universal Designer

Art Direction | Concept | Web design | Graphic design | Photography

Art Direction | Konzeption
Webdesign | Grafikdesign


Graphic Design

The core of my work is graphic development and design. Be it in a leading role as art director or in the implementation up to the finished print file.

Web Design

Based on different content management systems, I offer functional development and management of websites in line with corporate design. websites.


Long since more than just an add-on. Photography is seamlessly integrated into the processes of comprehensive design and web projects. Whoever has the end product in mind takes the better photo.

Creativity is
the intelligence
that has fun.

Albert Einstein


The main goal is to help my clients achieve their goals effectively and efficiently. This is done using strategies and concepts that are not limited to specific channels or disciplines, but focus on creative solutions. I strive to lead my clients to success in an independent, attention-grabbing and sustainable way.


The fancy things I do

Boredom is deadly. I don't let it get that far and rely on multi-layered, creative fields of activity. And that may be entirely in your interest: In this way, one thing leads to another and becomes a homogeneous project from a single source or, if necessary, a well-rehearsed network of specialists.

Art Direction
Image editing