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    The Masterpieces were organised as a secluded concours and collectors' meeting at Schloss Dyck. With 65 carefully selected collector vehicles and owners, the focus of the event was on an expert yet relaxed meeting in a private atmosphere.

    Art direction, design of logo, graphics and equipment, photography and website. Full service for the exclusive Concours event.

    Project facts

    The Masterpieces Concours d'Elegance has its origins in the Classic Days. Particularly noble collector vehicles and unique pieces - so-called one-offs - were exhibited as "Jewels in the Park" on the Orangerie peninsula of Schloss Dyck.  The increasing popularity of the classic car and motor festival in Jüchen near Düsseldorf made it increasingly difficult to maintain the quiet and dignified character of a Concours. Even the usual communication of the colourful festival did not fit well here. So the collectors' meeting was separated and held separately a few weeks earlier, initially under the name "Masterpieces & Style".

    I approached the redesign with a clear colour differentiation and the reduction of the event title to "Masterpieces". A simple and elegant design was the goal. This was to be reflected in the newly designed logo. After all, the aim was to convince collectors and enthusiasts of the rarest and most high-class automobiles to participate in the Concours d'Elegance.

    In addition to high-quality business stationery, various brochures, folders and illustrated books were created to convey the special atmosphere of vehicle presentations in the gardens of Schloss Dyck. Many of my photos were used for this. Also a compact html/css programmed website was one of the measures implemented.

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