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Nürburgring Classic

    Nürburgring Classic

    The legendary Nürburgring in the Eifel region fascinated racing heroes in 1927 just as much as it does fans, the curious and active drivers today. The race event "Nürburgring Classic" has been thrilling visitors and participants since 2017 as an international motorsport meeting for historic vehicles on the Grand Prix circuit and the Nordschleife.

    Graphic design and event equipment, logo design. Design and management of the website. Photographic documentation of the events. Full service for the annual motorsport event held at the Nürburgring.

    Project facts

    A simple glance at my portfolio reveals that classic cars and vintage car events play a major role in my work. To this day, I am delighted that my personal fascination for automotive design and technology has come together with my profession of graphic and web design.

    The list of projects in this sector is just as long as the list of possible services that I can offer in the field of graphic event equipment. 

    In order to be able to address potential participants and visitors to a motorsport event such as the Nürburgring Classic at a high level of quality, it also needs a clear and self-confident appearance in terms of design. It needs charisma in the many means of communication to successfully advertise its event.

    The organisers of the "Race Event" are no exception and also rely on my photography. As part of the media team, I can capture so many impressions of the event and use them for marketing purposes.

    Seen enough?

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