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    Fitness is an everlasting trend that captivates many people. The range of sports articles and accessories is just as large. An important part of sporting success is the right nutrition. Carboo4U has built up a wide range of products in this area. From power bars to protein shakes and carbohydrate drink powders with vitamins and minerals - everything the hobby athlete and top athlete needs.

    Art direction, corporate design, packaging design and product photography for the supplier of high-quality sports nutrition.

    Project facts

    It is always particularly exciting when the client challenges you with a wide range of tasks. This was definitely the case with Carboo4U.

    Starting with the design of advertisements and flyers, the topics developed into the complex redesign of product packaging. A lot of conception and development goes into this before an article is allowed to go on sale.

    The basis is an appealing brand logo, which can hold its own in the market environment, but which also integrates perfectly into the company's own product line-up.

    Multilingual ingredient lists that have to comply with legal requirements and still fit legibly on the packaging despite the smallest font size are often a tricky business. Different material properties often require special colour management to ensure high-quality printing.

    And then, of course, it's all about marketing again for the finished product and everything that is necessary for that. Once again, product photography for webshops and advertisements in trade magazines complemented the know-how around packaging design. Design fulfilment from a single source!

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