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    The manufacturer of motorbike accessories has almost 4000 high-quality components for BMW, Ducati and Harley-Davidson motorbikes. Be it design, protection, luggage, suspension or ergonomics - Wunderlich products can be used to equip and refine bikes in all respects.

    Studio photography on location at the customer for image material to be used in online shop and catalogues for the leading manufacturer of motorbike accessories.

    Project facts

    Studio photography is usually about craftsmanship. The customer's products are to be captured in the best light and with perfect sharpness in such a way that the consumer's decision to buy is made easy. With this requirement, Wunderlich approached me as a manufacturer of outstanding components for motorbike finishing.

    The spectrum of objects to be photographed ranges from entire machines in various angles to small details of add-on parts and accessories. In addition to photography, digital post-exposure and image processing are also required. Only then does the finished picture become an impressive motif. Often only a few grains of dust have to be removed, sometimes disturbing reflections have to be retouched. It becomes more complex when the image is created from a composition of several photos.

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