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Edelfracht car transport

    Edelfracht car transport

    Special requirements are placed on the transport of the finest luxury automobiles. Extremely low super sports cars or incredibly valuable classic cars - with years of experience, special transport vehicles and flexible, personalised service, Edelfracht is the best partner.

    Corporate design and creation of the WordPress website for the experienced and competent transport company for luxury vehicles.

    Edelfracht car transport

    Appropriate appearance for the transport company specialising in sports cars and classic cars

    Branding and corporate design development to boost the business and make it fit for the future.

    The objective of acquiring new customers was the decisive factor for this project. So how do you stand out from the crowd in the transport sector and emphasise your strengths?

    The core of the company is the expert handling of the finest luxury cars and rare classic cars. This goes hand in hand with a clientele that mostly favours discretion. The high-quality trailers, transport and towing vehicles are therefore not used as advertising space.

    The first step was to give the child a suitable name. "Edelfracht" is the quintessence of the services offered. The freight industry is all about getting down to business and reliability. When carried out with care, even valuable goods are in the best of hands.

    The unobtrusive black of the vehicle fleet set the leading colour. The palette is complemented by gold and cream tones to emphasise the sophisticated look.

    The silhouette of the large semi-trailer, which is undoubtedly the highlight of the vehicle fleet, is reflected in the logo. An aha and recognition effect for customers handing over or receiving their luxury vehicle.

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